Adi writes about herself:

I came in the 50's as an only child in the Banat, Romania to the world. From my grandmothers I learned a little German and Hungarian and with my parents I spoke Romanian. I spent my school time in Lugoj and went away from home only for university time. In Cluj I studied Stomatology for 5 years and afterwards I was for very short time in Iasi, in the Romanian Moldavia. Subsequently, I worked for well 30 years as a dentist in Lugoj. Sport was very important for me my whole life - athletics, swimming, windsurfing, water ski, ski running, snowboarden served me as reconciliation for work and family.

Two children rose from my first marriage, who are both that ambitious like I am. They studied both in the German school in Lugoj. Unfortunately also my relationship went into the breaks and it followed hard years. The change from communism to a capitalistic society cost much energy. I am proud that my two children created a good start in the life. After the revolution I could extend finally journeys and mine horizon. Since eight years travel I together with my new partner and enjoy it a lot.

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